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I had a Sunbeam microwave for 19 years and it finally broke. I bought a Emerson microwave 2 years ago, it still looks like new, (I'm divorced and eat out)but 3 months ago the trouble started.

It sounded like it was working but it took longer to heat things up.Today i tried to cook some hotdogs in it and after ten minutes , i put the dogs in a pot of water on the stove!

I say we send our troops to canada and kick some ***. oh that right our goverment wants us to get ***, it's good for the economy!(of canada)

Monetary Loss: $100.

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If you want your house to catch fire, then buy an Emerson product (sarcasm)


I bought an Emerson microwave 2 years ago; it worked fine and then one day I used it and it started to make alot of noise, smoke was coming out the back, and a fire started inside the component section. Very dangerous health hazard.


Emerson microwaves are JUNK!!!


I bought an Emerson microwave last year, and last night it decided not to shut off! I had to unplug it as it is a fire waiting to happen.

Not only is it poor quality workmanship, it is a health hazard. I'm calling a few agencies right now.


Let's go ahead and stick this complaint in the bin of files labeled, "Nobody gives a ***."

You bought a microwave for about $60 that lasted over 2 years. Put it in prospective and shut your mouth you hot dog microwaving ***!

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